quarta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2012

Dialog with the doctor.

Mother: Good morning doctor.

Doctor: Good morning Mistress May I help you?

Mother: Oh, yes doctor.

Doctor: What are you feeling?

Mother: It’s not me. It’s my daughter who is feeling ill.

Doctor: Where is she?

Mother: Come up here, my baby.

Daughter: Mom, I’m not a baby. I’m grown up. I’m sixteen years old and you are looking after me like a little baby.

Mother: Ok, ok. Tell to the doctor. What are you feeling?

Daughter: I do not feel well when I eat something.

Doctor: Could specify what kind of food that you eat and make you feel bad?

Mother: Doctor, excuse me. May say something.

Daughter: Mon, I am who is not feeling well. The doctor is in consultation with me.

Mother: Baby, stopping complaining all the time when I trying to help you.

Doctor: Please, let’s stop the argument. We must focus on the problem. You told me that you are not feeling well when you eat something. That’s right?

Daughter: Yes.

Doctor: Give me a tip. Try to specify it.

Daughter: Mon, could you help me?

Mother: For sure. She feels stomachache, belly ache and a strong pain in her bally. What is it doctor?

Doctor: She needs to change her eating habits. It’s seems her stomach is strained or tired and we must do something as quickly as possible.

Daughter: I’m not going to eat vegetables. I don’t stand these things.

Doctor: It’s important you know the eating pyramid.

Mother: What is this?

Doctor: It is a nutrition guide that suggests quantities of each food category that we should eat each day.

Daughter: I will not eat vegetables. Will I?

Doctor: No your mother when is going to cook uses olive and canola oil, limit butter and avoid trans fat.

Mother: Ok

Doctor: and you young lady drink much more water. Avoid tea or coffee. Vegetables are essential in your stomachache cure, keep away from   potatoes chips and French fries.

Daughter: Hum...

Doctor: Let me finish: please eat plenty of fruits of all colors. Limit red meat, stay away from bacon, could cuts, ok!

Mother: Doctor, thank you so much.

Doctor: You’re welcome. It cost $79.00 (seventy nine dolors

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